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Bakeware buying guide

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Cupcakes and Bakeware
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The type of bakeware you use can determine the success or failure of a recipe. Cheesecakes, Éclairs, biscuits and wedding cakes all need something specific. Knowing the difference between non-stick, loose base and spring form will give you the culinary advantage. Read on for all the information you need to Consistently bake with perfection

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Cake tins

Soft Cheese on a wrapping

Bundt & novelty shaped tins

A bundt cake and cake mould

Cake tins - come in an assortment of shapes and sizes and are generally either solid or loose base.Sandwich tins are a versatile and quick to cook classic. They’re universally used for Victorian sponges and layered cakes. If your recipes tend to stick then loose base should work better for you.

Springform cake tins are ideal for cheesecakes. They work by releasing from the sides so your delicate filling won’t get damaged.

Deep cake tins are great for heavy fruit cakes, wedding cakes and sponges. You can use for victoria sponges, but consider that you’ll need to meticulously slice your cake in half before icing. Most recipes work with 20 or 23cm tins, so think about who you’re baking for and purchase accordingly.

Ideal for: Rhubarb & ginger Victoria sandwich, carrot cake, strawberry & white chocolate cheesecake

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Cake tins

Bundt tins - Distinctive and with a European feel, Bundt cake tins are a dynamic and impactful choice. Bundt isn’t associated with any kind of recipe, simply add your mixture of choice and present with flair. The ornate nature of these tins means that a heavy-gauge cast aluminium non-stick is ideal for best results.

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Children’s cake tins - There are two main points to remember with children’s cakes. They should be fun to look at and to taste. If you’re baking for a children’s party then think about a bake that is impressive but also easy to cut and bake. A tray bake is ideal for this! The usability and versatility of silicone works well for fun children’s cakes.

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A Bundt and a cake tin

Baking sheets & trays

Brownies on a baking tray

Loaf tins

Hard Cheese on a wrapping

Sheets & trays - are at their best when you’re baking something in batch. Baking sheets generally offer a larger surface area, while trays have the benefit of having rolled edges. This makes them more versatile - use your tray to roast or make shallow brownies. Aluminium distributes heat evenly which is ideal for uniform biscuits or choux pastries, while a non-stick coating will reduce prep time.

Ideal for - Almond & pecan biscuits, easy raspberry brownies, chocolate éclairs

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Baking sheets

Loaf tins - Whether it’s for something sweet or savoury - a loaf tin is a staple in any baking kit. Consider the size you need before purchasing, recipes will generally specify between 1lb and 2lb tins. The efficiency of anodised bakeware is ideal for creating a good crust and delicious centre.

Ideal for: Lemon drizzle cake, rich chocolate and prune bread.

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A loaf tin

Pie & flan tins

A pie in a pie tin

Cupcake, muffin
& mini tins

A set of cupcakes on a rack

Pie & flan tins - come with straight and fluted edges and are ideal for sweet and savoury baking. If you’re using pastry to entirely support you filling then look for a pan that will evenly distribute the heat. This will help to produce an even crust. Loose bases can also help with removing your pan from its tin.

Ideal for: Asparagus, tarragon & egg pie, Apple pie with almond & apricot

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Pie tins

Cupcake, muffin & mini tins - These tins are ideal for batch baking or preparing impressive desserts for dinner parties. Traditionally fairy cakes are smaller than muffin or cupcake tins. Think about the number of individual cakes you want to bake first and then choose between a tin that produces 6,12 or 24 cakes. Generally these tins are non-stick, though if you intend to use cases to line then you could opt for a tin alternative.

Ideal for: Fairtrade banoffee cupcakes

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A Bundt and a cake tin
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