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Your guide to blenders,
soup makers & juicers

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Blenders smoothie makers and juicers

Bring convenience and choice to your kitchen. Find out how these
machines work, their differences and what the key features to look for are.

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Smoothie makers

Smoothie makers are simple to use and easy to clean. All you need to do is load the container, place on to the power base and twist to lock in place. Advanced smoothie makers are powerful, have a variety of speed settings and multiple blades. They’ll work efficiently to crack seeds, stems and skins to produce drinks with more nutritional value.

Do you have a busy lifestyle?
Easily integrate your smoothies packed full of goodness into a busy life by looking for machines with a handy lid for on the go drinking. Look for machines that include sieves if you don’t enjoy lots of pulp.

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Soup makers

Soup makers incorporate a cooking plate at the base and are the one step, versatile alternative to traditional blenders. They're all about saving time and space and the benchmark from start to final soup is around 20 minutes. Consider soup makers with multiple blending and temperature options for ultimate convenience.

Do you want to keep your soup warm after use?
Look for a warming function. More advanced models will also crush ice, make smoothies and frozen drinks. This is ideal for making dual use of your purchase. The best soup makers balance a tight fitting lid with a removable part to let steam dissipate.

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Traditional blenders are ideal for making larger quantities of smoothies, soups or pureés. Advanced blenders produce consistent results, aerate mixtures and come with convenient pre-programmed settings. Machines that also chop, crush ice and pulse bring versatility to your kitchen. The additional ability to customise your setting to your needs will produce better results and save you time, space and money in the future.

Do I want a glass or plastic jug?
Think about whether you want a glass or plastic container. Plastic is lighter but may scratch with age. Glass suffers less damage, is easier to clean and won’t retain odours or colour. Search for a wide and solid base as this will make your blender more stable.

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Hand blenders

Immersion or hand blenders are ideal for kitchens with limited storage and are great multitaskers. They’re also a much lighter alternative and you won’t need to worry about the capacity of the jug.

Unlike juicers, the higher the wattage of immersion blenders, the more superior the results. If you invest in an immersion blender with multiple attachments (whisks, chopping) you’ll gain a versatile machine and save even more space in the kitchen cupboards.

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Centrifugal juicers

Centrifugal juicers are the more popular and widely available of juicers. They juice quickly by shredding ingredients and require little preparation before use. The spinning force of the blades works with a sieve to filter any pulp and produce clear results.

Centrifugal juicers aren’t as compatible with soft fruits so choosing a machine with slow and fast speed settings will help to overcome this. Higher-end models may also include a 'soft fruit' disc too which is ideal if you like berry-based juices. Buying a more expensive model can mean you get a higher quality commercial-grade motor, durable metal parts - and a longer warranty.

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Slow juicers

Slow juicers crush fruit and vegetables using slowly rotating gears (augers) and press out the juice through a perforated screen.

Their mechanisms make them better suited to juicing leafy greens, wheatgrass and soft fruits. Slow juicers are versatile and some can even be used as mincers, coffee grinders, making pasta, nut butters or even ice cream. When you add in long warranties they can be worth the high initial price.

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Consider the features


Capacity generally ranges between between 1L and 3.5L. Smaller appliances and personal smoothie makers are easy to store so think about your usage levels before purchasing.

If you’re going for a full-size option consider how much space there is between your kitchen cabinets and surfaces.


Machines with a power between 300W and 600W will blend and chop most food items thoroughly. To pulverise ingredients such as almonds consider an appliance with 900W or more.

For juicers, the type of motor (masticating vs centrifugal) and rotating action of the blades is more important than overall power.

Usability & cleaning

Don’t want to chop?

Look for models with large feeding shoots. Avoid spending time cleaning and choose a model with fewer removable parts and look for machines that specify that they are dishwasher safe.

Press buttons are easier to clean whereas dials are often simpler to use.


Make your chosen appliance work hard for you. Look for machines with strong blades if you’re looking to juice or blend hard vegetables or crush ice. Blenders with foam separators will bridge the divide between juicer and smoothie maker.

Additional settings, blades or attachments are vital for multipurpose usage.


Pay attention to the material of any of your appliance’s components.

If you want longevity out of your machine then look for a product made from metal rather than plastic components. It’s less likely to erode or get damaged. A guarantee of seven years is good for a blender, whereas one year is appropriate for a smoothie-maker.

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